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Automated Lighting Controls by Lutron Electronics
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2 days
Crosby, TX

For Stationary engineers who wish to gain a better understanding of networked lighting control systems along with how to maintain and troubleshoot them.


Lutron’s founder, Joel Spira, invented the first solid state electronic dimmer in 1959. Fast forward to the present day and the world of lighting controls has greatly advanced. In this class you will learn about the most popular commercial Lutron systems installed over the past decade. These products are found in hundreds of thousands of buildings across North America and the world. Commercial lighting systems will often fall under the purview of facilities management so a firm understanding of their maintenance ensures that the lighting system runs as smoothly as the rest of the building. 


The duration of this course will be two days. It will act as a knowledge primer for the variety of commercial legacy Lutron systems a stationary engineer may find. We will also introduce the future of Lutron lighting controls and our newest commercial system.


Detailed topics will include:

  • Online prerequisite learning plan introducing dimming technology and the Lutron story
  • Instructor-led presentations relating to legacy Grafik Eye QS, Energi Savr Node, and panels
  • Overview of Lutron’s Vive and Quantum systems
  • How to control the Quantum Vue Facilities Management software and use it in troubleshooting
  • Work on a live Quantum system test wall, program and introduce faults in real-time
  • Introduction to Lutron’s newest cloud-connected solution, Athena
  • Best Practices for Asset Management and Planning
  • Update on Fluorescent to LED retrofit kits
  • Tour of IUOE’s Quantum Lighting Control System and software
13 / 18
Stationary (NTF)