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Course Name
GPS Training for Instructors Only
This session is not currently accepting new enrollments.
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5 days
Crosby, TX

GPS Training for Instructors Only - Courses are available to active IUOE Instructors only. 

Topcon Train the Trainer – Entry Level 

This four-day course will cover the basics of Topcon machine control and jobsite layout using 3D-MC and Pocket3D software.  This course is directed at trainers with minimal or no previous knowledge of Topcon technology.  Upon completion, students will understand the basic steps on setting up a jobsite, transferring data files between field controllers and machines and basic functionality of Topcon machine control on crawlers, blades and excavators.

Session Description

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Setting up new projects
  • Importing/Exporting files
  • Starting a Topcon base station
  • Site localization
  • Simple stakeout and data collection routines
  • Loading files into Topcon machine control
  • Basic operation of Topcon machine control

Course is open to IUOE Instructors only

7 / 10
H&P Construction (NTF)

Member must be an active IUOE Instructor