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Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for Generators
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3 days
Crosby, TX

The focus of this course is on Automatic Transfer Switches & Emergency Standby Generator and how they may be applied in a variety of settings and industrial sectors. Standby generations are used primarily to provide backup power if utility power from the utility electrical distribution system is lost.


This course will discuss the operation of Automatic Transfer Switches & Generators, their application, how they are integrated into the overall electrical system, auxiliary supporting equipment and generator package maintenance.  This course will cover many practical examples and will be interactive for students to gain a broad overall understanding of standby generators.

At the completion of this course, students will be able to perform startup, commissioning and maintenance activities on automatic transfer switches and controllers related to generators. Students will learn about the transfer switch equipment that is currently being used in today’s industry. Hands-on activity will comprise at least half of the time spent in training activities.

15 / 15
Stationary (NTF)