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Electrical Troubleshooting & Variable Frequency Drive Operations
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4 days
Crosby, TX

This four-day seminar is designed to provide the knowledge and skills required when selecting, installing, testing and troubleshooting electrical systems the motors they control, and the control circuits connected to them. In this hands-on seminar, students will build, program and test VFD, motors and control circuits.

Test instruments covered and used include digital multi-meters (DMMs), current clamps and meter attachments. Topics, circuits, and equipment covered include:

• Test instrument terminology, symbols and measurement functions for each type of instrument used is covered to learn what test instruments should and should not be used circuits.

• Learn the safe and correct way to take electrical measurements and what the measurements actually mean.

.• Learn where and how to use special meter functions like MIN/MAX, RELATIVE, LoZ, Peak, kVA, kW, and PF measurement functions.

• Learn how to test for grounding problems.

• Understanding VFD and motor nameplate data.

• Learn how to test and wire any three-phase motor without using the motors wiring diagram and what the expected readings should be before power is applied and how to troubleshoot the motor after power is applied.

• Circuits built include using, magnetic motor starters, mechanical and solid-state switches, such as, selector switches, proximity switches, photoelectric switches, analog inputs (photovoltaic and potentiometers), and other commonly used electrical devices.

• Connect, program, and test VFDs (variable frequency drives). 

• Take power measurements (P.F., kVA, kW, and harmonic) to understand power quality problems.


12 / 15
Stationary (NTF)

Students will need to have a working knowledge of Electrical theory such as Ohms law, series and parallel circuits, alternating and direct current systems. Digitital multi meter experience is helpful.