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GPS Machine Control Training
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5 days
Crosby, TX

GPS Machine Control - This course will cover the three Major GPS machine control systems; Topcon , Trimble , and Leica. The majority of class time will be spent in the field, where members will be given the option to use the GPS brand of their choice. Indoor class time including any rainy days will be spent going over every aspect of the different software systems via PC Simulators. Members wishing to focus on one GPS system are free to do so (pending availability). Members wanting an overview of all three systems will have that option as well.

Topcon GPS Machine Control - This course will take the member through a step-by-step system set up for GPS machine control electronics.

After completion of this course the member will understand how to install and use the operational functions of these components on various pieces of equipment.

6 / 10
H&P Construction (NTF)